From Desert to Ocean

Choose your next destination in Africa

Egypt:17 destinations

Ghana:1 destination

Ivory Coast:1 destination

Kenya:1 destination

Morocco:3 destinations

Tunisia:3 destinations


The lands of smiles

Immerse yourself in exotic locations in Asia and soak in its stunning nature and fascinating history.

China:1 destination

Indonesia:1 destination

Malaysia:1 destination

Maldives:1 destination

Pakistan:1 destination

Philippines:2 destinations

Sri Lanka:1 destination

Thailand:8 destinations

Vietnam:3 destinations


Vibrant culture

Feeling the urge to explore a new place in Europe? Monuments, shopping zones, museums and the finest restaurants are all just steps away.

Germany:8 destinations

Netherlands:3 destinations

Russia:3 destinations

Switzerland:6 destinations

Turkey:5 destinations

Middle East

Oriental way of life

Discover the magical Middle East with a variety of destinations to choose from.

Bahrain:1 destination

Jordan:6 destinations

Kuwait:2 destinations

Lebanon:1 destination

Oman:1 destination

Qatar:2 destinations

Saudi Arabia:12 destinations

United Arab Emirates:7 destinations